• With the guidance of the church medical committee and the diocese, the fathers have decided that the church will continue with weekend liturgy registration to keep the church organized and prevent overcrowding. There will be liturgies on Saturdays (8 AM - 10 AM) and Sundays (8 AM - 10:30 AM) in both the main church and 3 martyrs church. Families may register for up to 1 liturgy every other weekend. Weekday liturgies, vespers, and midnight praise will not require registration and are open for anyone to attend. Click to view the service calendar for weekday liturgy times.
  • Masks are required. Families should sit together during church services and take communion together.


Registration is open now on the new church app, This guide has all the information you need to download the app and create your accounts

To register for a liturgy, use the church app or click here if you want to use your computer/laptop

  1. Login to the app/system
  2. Click “Home” from the bar on the left hand side. Under the “Upcoming events in 30 days” section, select the liturgy you want to register for
  3. Click “Register”
  4. Click “Register your place”
  5. Click “add people”, and select the family members you want to register for this event, in the below screenshot we have selected the four members in the family - you can notice the green checkbox

While in this screenshot we have selected two members only

  1. To Finalize the registration, Click “Confirm Registration” to save your registration. You should receive a confirmation email.
  2. To Cancel your reservation:
    1. Select "My Registrations" from the left menu, you should see all events that you or anyone else in your family are booked for.
    2. Select the event that you want to cancel your registration for
    3. Click on" Cancel Registration"
    4. if more than one person registered in this event, they system will ask you for whom you want to cancel the registration, select your family members that you want to remove from the registration
    5. Click "Confirm:
    6. You will receive a cancelation confirmation email.





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