Father Matta El-Meskeen (Matthew the Poor)


PEOPLE’S INTERESTS ARE MANY, and providing and blessing them is

the focus of their petitions before God.


So it is also with God. His interests are many and multiplied, and with

persistence he requests first what concerns him. God requests, and demands, that

man first and above all else seek his Kingdom and his approval. Then after what

concerns the Kingdom of God we can seek what concerns us.


This is why God demands, before all else, that man’s first interest, effort and

pursuit be the Kingdom of God. The amazing thing is that God pledges in return

to take an interest in the other desires of man. It is an extremely profitable deal

for man! But it is, using the same expression, an even more profitable deal for

God, because God seeks the fullness of his Kingdom. Christ himself tells the

story of the wealthy man who made a feast for his friends. He sent his servants

and assistants to invite the people to come to the feast, but when they returned

from giving out the invitations they told the host that there were still many empty

places remaining at the feast. So he said to them, ‘Go out into the squares, that is,

to the undeserving and unknown, and invite them to come so that my house will

be full.’


Look and be aware, dear readers, that God demands his Kingdom be filled.

The strange thing, the wonder of wonders, is that he disregards human

worthiness. The lowly, poor, naked, lame, those with hands and feet cut off are

invited with exactly the same status as chiefs and gentlemen! God does not show

any favor or interest according to dress, bodily skill, shape or appearance in his

choice of those he invites to his Kingdom.

This is a true story from the mouth of Christ himself!!! Lift up your head,

precious reader, and do not look at any shortcoming on your part, be it in

appearance or position. Christ’s desire is focused on getting you into his

Kingdom, and he is prepared to overlook any lack or flaw in you. He is able to

make your body a new creation with perfect health. He is capable of making up

for any shortcoming in your behavior and morals. So do not worry about what

you lack, rather, let your first class interest be to seek God’s Kingdom and his


The righteousness of God is able to cover man completely with glory and

majesty, so do not look to the lowness of your birth or position because God is

able to lift you to the height of his angels. Come, come, come, and don’t look

even for an instant at your own worthiness, because once you have been

accepted in the justice of God it will make you competent with the capability of

cherubim and seraphim. The incredible thing is that God does not command us

to do anything to qualify us for his Kingdom. He only urges us to seek first his

Kingdom and his righteousness before all else, and truly he is able to lift us to

the proper level worthy of his Kingdom.

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