"You can’t see him now, but you believe in him". 1 Peter 1:8


You’ve heard the phrase “seeing is believing,” but is it really true? After all, there are many things we can’t see that still exist. Air and atoms aren’t visible to us (at least without powerful microscopes or telescopes). We can’t see time, yet it marches forward and serves to schedule our daily activities. Thoughts and feelings are not visible, yet we all acknowledge their existence. Perhaps the one invisible thing we use most often nowadays is being utilized by you at this very moment. We can’t see the waves that make up the Internet, nor can we see a Wifi signal—but because of these invisible forces, you’re now reading this devotional.

It’s easy as a Christian to get frustrated because we can’t see God. All of us at some point have wished He would just materialize before us and sit down at our side. Yet He doesn’t. Why? Because He wants us to trust in Him by faith, the undeniable knowledge that as certainly as the air we breathe is real, so is He! Let the Bible daily reveal God to you, believe in what it says about Him, and look forward to that day in eternity when you will finally see Him as He is.


Lord, I know Your Word shows me Your reality and declares Your presence. Help me to read it more often and trust in it without doubting. Spur my faith in You! Amen.


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