Luke 15:11

He said, “A certain man had two sons.

You might read today's Bible reading and say 'What does that mean? So a certain man had two sons. What is the big deal with that?' If that is your response to today's Bible verse, I would encourage you to read the verses right after this one in a story that is loved by many, that we call The Prodigal Son.

The reason why I chose to just include the first line in the Prodigal Son story is because often when we think of this story, we think of the younger son who left home to spend his father's inheritance. But the first line in the story that Jesus told us really reveals who the story is about. While there are two sons that play a role in the parable, the story is about the father.

You see, if we focus on the love that the father had equally for both the son who left home and the son who chose to stay home, we would have a better understanding that the father in the story is really telling us about our heavenly Father. No matter what kind of pigpen we get ourselves into (younger brother), our Father is waiting for us. No matter how legalistic and religious we become (older brother), our Father invites us to come join the party.

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