The First Sunday after Easter Sunday

St. Thomas’ Martyrdom: 26th Pashons (3rd June)

Our great father & lord, Apostle St. Thomas, was the only one of the Apostles who, on the way to Judea, declared his readiness to die with Christ and said to the rest “Let’s also go that we may die with Him” (Jn 11: 16)!!

He’s the only one of them who was so enthusiastic & interested about every word & teaching the Lord said. He would ask & inquire, so to know & believe, ascertained & informed. He said to the Lord “Master, we do not know where you will go, so how will we know the way?” (Jn 14: 5).

He’s also the only one among all humans, who stretched his hand & touched the Lord’s wounds. And, as if a powerful divine lightning bolt electrified him, for he had come so close to the One whom the angels & celestial beings shiver to approach lest they be consumed by His fire!!

And that’s why he dropped on his knees aghast, crying “My Lord & My God”!!!

He had watched Him being crucified, giving up his soul, buried. And now he sees Him with those deadly wounds on His body, deep into His heart, His side open to all humanity to enter through & rest in His heart.

Jesus, standing before him, is alive! So where has death gone???!!! The Lord has vanquished death on behalf of His children, so they can now make a joke of death; “The suckling shall play on the hole of the viper, and the weaned child will put his hand on the serpent’s den” (Isa 11: 8).

The great Apostle Thomas could not contain himself. He cried on behalf of a humanity which till then could not comprehend the glory & power of the Resurrection, and he praised with the angels around the Throne “My Lord & My God”!!

The first attribute that comes to mind when we mention this great Apostle is that he was a skeptic who doubted all matters. However, he was the only apostle who uncovered to us, in sheer certainty, the glory of Jesus’ Resurrection.

He was the only one to declare the faith of the Church, and of Heaven, that Christ is truly the Lord God Incarnate for our Salvation, that His Resurrection is a heavenly fact that proved his Divinity & power!!

Blessed are you, great father St. Thomas the Apostle, to whom the Master came in person, to show the world through your faith the glory of His Divinity & the power of His Resurrection!!

I truly love you my great father St. Thomas, for you are the Apostle of assuredness, not the Apostle of doubt. You’re the Apostle who showed all humanity certainly the Divinity of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Please forgive us our misconception of you, and pray for us!!

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